Be a journalist, not a tourist

At NYC19, you’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing. So make some time for storytelling.

Iron Reporter is a short, tough award program that’s not for everyone. Literally. We only allow 20 individuals or teams to participate.

Works like this…

  • Sign up for the Iron Reporter pre-con at NYC19. It’s Wednesday, March 7, at 1 pm. But you won’t be there long…
  • …because we’ll be in touch soon after you register for the pre-con, and you’ll hear about some gritty assignment opportunities – from hanging out with Manhattan’s homeless children to to covering a busy methadone clinic. Choose one that tingles your toes. Or come up with one of your own.
  • When you arrive at NYC 18, meet briefly with us. Then go cover that thing. Any way you want.
  • Before, during, and/or after, conspire with the Iron Reporter pro staff. But remember: They’re just your advisers, not your bosses. They’ll help you every step of the way, or they’ll get off your back. Up to you.
  • You can enter individually or in teams of up to three students.
  • You can cover the story in the written word, video, audio, or in any combination.
  • You must turn in your story by 11 am Thursday, March 7. (Hey, this is a deadline business.)
  • Winners will be announced Saturday morning at the Apple Awards ceremony, and those winners receive one of those cool-looking Apple trophies.

A word of warning.

We care about your safety. So while we don’t want to get in your way, we do want to get this through your skull: Don’t do anything stupid.

In fact, dumb risks will disqualify you from winning Iron Reporter, even if the resulting journalism is awesome. Being safe isn’t boring – which, logically, means taking risks isn’t exciting.

By the way…

The excellent photos on this site come from another gritty convention contest called the NYC Photo Shoot-Out. You can do that instead of, or in addition to, Iron Reporter. Or you can just sit in some sessions and then take a selfie in Times Square. Whatever.