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Meet the media pros who will help you beforehand and judge you afterward…

Michele Boyet was co-director (2012-2015) of Will Write For Food, which brought college journalists from around the country into a Florida homeless shelter to take over its weekly newspaper.

Emily Bloch is a former reporter for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, a Top 50 daily. She now freelances for Teen Vogue, PBS’s Frontline, Business Insider, Daily Dot, and Daily Beast. And she’s not yet 25.

Cassie Morien is an international music writer (for Teeth and Indie Shuffle) and a former magazine web editor and a former content manager for the Center for Identity at The University of Texas.

Michael Koretzky is editor of, and his spotty career has included reporting for The New York Times, designing for the National Enquirer, and editing a book on German cold-roll steelmaking.